Dynamic Glass

Needs Change – Conventional Windows Don’t
  • Sometimes we need more light.
  • Sometimes we need more privacy.

Electronically-adjustable windows allow the qualities of a window to change with people’s needs to:

  • Preserve views
  • Provide shade when direct sunlight is too bright
  • Provide privacy on demand

Conventional shades, curtains, and blinds have numerous shortcomings, including:

  • Obstructing the view through the window or door.
  • Limiting the range of light control – mainly open or closed.
  • Needing to be opened or closed manually.
  • Interfering with streamlined room designs.
  • Collecting dust and needing frequent cleaning.

Dynamic glass also offers substantial reductions in heating and cooling bills – as much as 25% savings depending on the amount of glass in a building and the local climate.

Until now, dynamic glass only came in white or a bluish tint. Crown Electrokinetics' exclusive electrokinetic technology is a revolution in dynamic glass. It comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing designers to make dynamic glass part of the décor and design.

Learn more about how our technology works or about our patent portfolio.